What We Do | DASH Design

What we do…

Many popular machines started with a ‘fag packet’ sketch, here at DASH Design we specialise in transforming those ideas into reality. Utilising over 40 years of manufacturing knowledge enables us to shorten your timeline from concept to finished goods.

At DASH Design we have a proven track record in market leading design and manufacture within the agriculture and motorsport industries. However, we are confident that we can deliver your project no matter what industry you are in.

How it works:

We like to think that the way that we work is a three to six-step process (dependant on the level of support you require from us). Below is a guide of the standard six-step process we tend to work by.


Sketch or ``the problem``

It all starts with a presented idea or a problem to solve. Typically, we receive a hand-written sketch or are given a verbal description as the start point for the project.

Research & Exploration

We will then go away and look into the problem or idea to find and produce a unique solution.

Concept Designs

Create initial designs on SolidWorks to gain approval/buy-in from the client. If multiple options are required then more than one concept design will be drawn.

Agree on a concept

Concept drawings are presented to the client and we agree on one or more design to develop further.

Detailed drawings

If required we then create detailed technical drawings and manufacturing instructions.

Final assembly drawings

If required, we also support the manufacturing, final assembly, testing and commissioning process.

Past work

As we’re sure you’ll understand, not all of the work we do can be shared publicly, especially if the final design has yet to be put into production. Customer confidentiality is key to an open honest working relationship. Here at DASH we take this very seriously, because of this we can’t show you the exciting projects that we’re currently working on but below you’ll find an array of previous projects…