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About Dan.

Dan describes himself as a family man, a bit of a technology geek and a passionate motorsport fan. His personal ambitions are never small, inside or out of work, he and his wife have built their own family home from scratch and his focus is now trained on growing DASH Design. He is a true believer of continually developing himself and this can be seen throughout his professional background and work history

Dan began his working life up in St Andrews, Scotland where he became a waiter for a Michelin Star restaurant straight after leaving secondary school. Unsure on which direction to pursue a career, he worked there for a couple of years before realising he needed a skilled trade to progress in life. He then took the decision to relocate back to Yorkshire where he had originally grown up, securing a job as a general labourer at Pocklington Steel Structures near York.

Through Dan’s time at Pocklington steel he expressed his enthusiasm and interest in gaining many skillsets, firstly learning the art of welding and becoming a competent welder. This was not enough to satisfy his appetite for learning new skills, as he then moved on to become a fabricator and over the following years the company developed him into a team leader at one of their sites.

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Moving on from Pocklington Steel, Dan got a job as a Fabricator at Sumo UK Ltd in 2011. The attraction of Sumo for Dan, was that he felt he would be able to progress himself-further, with a product that was reputable, more mechanical and intrinsic in its design. In the first 6 months Sumo had suffered a significant fire in its production facility and Dan was relocated into the Assembly team as a part of a restructuring plan to cope with the aftermath of the fire. Here he gained many new skills in electronics, hydraulics and a strong foundation in product and industry knowledge.

Meanwhile outside of work, the desire to learn continued. Dan had the drive to challenge himself further and learned the basics of 3d CAD using SolidWorks. This was noted by colleagues at Sumo UK and before long, Dan was invited into the design team. This was the point he had found his career calling. Under the wings of Sumo’s experienced and award-winning design team, his personal development in the years that followed was both extensive and varied.

Although Dan had found himself fulfilling many roles at Sumo over the years, there was a period of time when he had decided to spread his wings and experience a career opportunity in line with his passion for motorsport. In this time, he was employed by WHF (known today as WHSV) in Market Weighton, where he was the lead designer of motorsport trailers and hospitality solutions. After a short period with WHF, he realised the product didn’t have the same complexity and variety he was looking for in the day to day.

Dan was then reunited with Shaun and his team at Sumo where he worked until late 2018, adopting a variety of other business responsibilities alongside design.  After this, Dan decided that it was time for him to create a design consultation business as the next logical step in progression.   At this time Shaun had been out of the industry for a long period having sold his former business, but still with a strong passion for mechanical design. A collaboration, incorporating many years of experience and forward thinking was created, this marked the formation of DASH design.

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